• Going Showreel

    By on April 10, 2012

    Going Interactive finished off the 2011 Showreel.

  • GI Wins 2012 AMY Award in Web Brand Awareness

    By on March 30, 2012

    Last night at the Fabulous Fox Theater’s Egyptian Ballroom Going Interactive walked away the AMY Award in the “Web...

  • Using Vimeo PLUS for Clients Video Projects

    By on February 26, 2012

      We do a fair number of video and motion graphics projects in any given year. They range from...

  • Two ADDYs for Web Work

    By on February 17, 2012

    Going Interactive snagged two Addy’s in this year’s Atlanta competition.

  • Merry Christmas Everyone!

    By on December 20, 2011

    If you didn’t happen to be on our Going Interactive Annual Holiday Giving Campaign email list, you can check...

  • Foursquare Addiction – 3 Steps To Recovery

    By on October 27, 2011

    I am a recovering Foursquare addict.  For a couple of years, I “checked in” everywhere I went, attempting to become...

  • Immersive Online Toy Experience

    By on October 17, 2011

    So what to you do with the doll once you get it home?

  • Games! Games! Games!

    By on September 20, 2011

    From concept to design to full development and deployment, Going Interactive created 14 outstanding games for Hasbro’s full online...

  • Adobe & HTML5

    By on August 1, 2011

    Of course it’s only a matter of time before more companies like Adobe create a new form of  HTML5...

  • Alton Brown and GI

    By on July 21, 2011

    GI was excited to work with Alton Brown’s production company in producing a new site.

  • B2B Trade Show Video

    By on June 24, 2011

    Just wrapped up production of a nice trade show multi-monitor video for famous national client. This video is oriented...

  • RCA’s Online Campaign

    By on June 21, 2011

    Going Interactive is proud to have been able to donate our design and dev services to create this summer’s...

  • iPad: does it make the cut?

    By on June 15, 2011

    So what do you think of the iPad2? Do you think it will be as “big” as the iPhone...

  • B2B Microsites for Marketing

    By on May 6, 2011

    We recently wrapped production on a micro site for WEGENER’s Compel Connect Product. CompelConnect.com™ is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering...

  • ∑(Dynamic + Agile + Lean) ⇒ ZOOM!

    By on April 12, 2011

    How fast can your company get a new product into the marketplace and gain traction?  Do you have your...

  • Could You Use a Second Menubar?

    By on March 16, 2011

    If you use a dual-monitor setup like a bunch of us do, then you probably know it is kinda...

  • Create Your Own Website Favicon

    By on March 9, 2011

    In just a few steps you can create your own website favicon, what’s a favicon you ask?

  • Adding Texture to Vector Graphics

    By on February 4, 2011

    Need to roughen up your clean vector graphic? Here’s a quick tip on one way to do it.

  • Snow Go In

    By on January 13, 2011

    Whew! I guess this makes up for our Historic Day.

  • A Historic Day Today

    By on January 7, 2011

    Today was a historic day for Going Interactive.

  • Free Wifi led to Chrome

    By on January 6, 2011

    A few weeks before Thanksgiving, GI Phil here at the studio mentioned that all holiday flights were going to...

  • B2B Music Videos?

    By on January 5, 2011

    Why not we say!

  • Farewell 2010 GI Recap

    By on January 3, 2011

    2010 was good year.

  • 2010 Holiday Video Card

    By on December 21, 2010

    We’re pleased to present our 2010 video card!

  • Cyber Monday Emails

    By on November 29, 2010

    It’s “Cyber Monday” and so far I haven’t found an enormous amount of good deals.

  • Mustache Invasion

    By on November 18, 2010

    An update from GI’s Movember staff participation.

  • New Work Wednesday

    By on November 17, 2010

    Going Interactive’s always promoted Flash based presentations as a fantastic way to stand out from the hum-drum standard of...

  • Jet Ski Japan to China

    By on November 15, 2010

    Let’s say you want directions from Japan to China (you’re a Westerner)…

  • Istanbul Not Constantinople

    By on November 12, 2010

    Nothing can get the office pumped up on a Friday morning like playing real loud They Might Be Giants’...

  • Where’d That Come From?

    By on November 11, 2010

    Ever see really cool print pieces and wonder how they were made and where they came from?

  • New Work Wednesday

    By on November 10, 2010

    It’s the 25th Anniversary of the Jumbo Roll Tissue!

  • iPad Do You Pad?

    By on November 8, 2010

    I used an iPad to display animated media in a convention trade show table this past weekend.

  • White Noise Apps Rock

    By on November 5, 2010

    GI Chris tipped us off about the variety of iPhone “white noise” apps a few months ago on a...

  • New Work Wednesday

    By on November 3, 2010

    Going Interactive recently wrapped production on a new video for Neustar Webmetrics.

  • Phil’s Movember Madness

    By on November 2, 2010

    We’re proud of our GI guy Phil here who’s enlisted in the national Movember fund raising campaign for men’s...

  • Silver and Gold Flames

    By on November 1, 2010

    Going Interactive took home a Silver and a Gold Flame at last Thursday’s Atlanta IABC (International Association of Business...

  • GI Halloween Line Up

    By on October 29, 2010

    Today is official “corporate” Halloween day. When people working at companies everywhere have their one day of the year...

  • Great American Teacher Awards

    By on October 28, 2010

    Going Interactive is honored to have been able to design and produce the 2010 Great American Teacher Awards websites.

  • Zombie Interactive

    By on October 27, 2010

    Watch our classic viral video of what happens when an interactive shop gets a zombie virus infection right before...

  • Apple Stickers Rock

    By on October 22, 2010

    I gotta say, I always took it for granted until the other day opening a new Apple box and...

  • New Video Work: Mr. SLIM

    By on October 20, 2010

    Mr. SLIM is new fun animated B2B video Going Interactive recently produced for K-C Professional.

  • iPhonetography

    By on June 24, 2010

    With an increase in lens, resolution, and software quality; the iPhone is becoming a viable alternative to the digital...

  • B2B Animation Spot

    By on June 14, 2010

    We just wrapped up this short animated B2B spot for a start-up Atlanta hi-tech company.

  • A Day to Remember

    By on May 30, 2010

    So how did it really start?

  • Hey Zach, what are you listening to?

    By on May 7, 2010

    May 3rd – 7th

  • Goodbye sweet LaLa

    By on May 1, 2010

    Well, it’s time to say goodbye to our sweet LaLa music site.

  • Hey Zach, what are you listening to?

    By on April 26, 2010

    April 19th – 23rd

  • 10 Simple “Earth Day” Tips

    By on April 22, 2010

    Happy Earth Day to us!