Yea! New MacBook Pros

Yea! New MacBook Pros

We’ve been waiting it out for a new version of the MacBook Pro…

Since we had to update our older MacBook Pros to Lion they’ve seem a little less peppy.  And of course that’s always a sign that a new updated machine is about to be released. It took a little longer than I would’ve guessed but today Apple announced the release of the MacBook Pro.

As I figured it would, it will have the awesome Retina Display. I have an iPad 3 with the Retina Display and it is awesome. It will be cool to see such high resolution on a Mac laptop now.

[image lightbox=”false” height=”300″][/image]

Other improvements include new “all- flash storage”. Which evidently means things will work really, really fast. Faster file copy and file opens and system boots than off the traditional hard drive. Cool!

After the usual faster processer and graphics card upgrades there’s a little tidbit feature of “dual mics”.  I’m excited about that. We do a lot of video skupe here and the new dual mics are supposed to reduce background noise and improve sound quality overall.

Apple also updated a series of 13 and 15 inch non Retina display versions. So if you don’t want to spend the extra money for the hi-res you can still get the old tried and true display.

Check out all the specs here on Apple’s site.

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