Trade Show Gamification

Trade Show Gamification

The Need.

Just because you have a booth at a trade show doesn’t mean you will get much traffic. Some trade shows have hundreds and hundreds of booths with similar products and services so standing out can be hard. Trade shows have pulled from a plethora of “get you in the booth” strategies like trivia contests, product demos, flyers and free swag. All of these can be a great addition, but getting noticed and getting visitors to spend some valuable time in your booth while educating them on your company is critical. That’s where custom branded trade show games, or booth gamification comes in.

The Solution.

Trade show visitors want something to do while they are in your booth and you want them to get to know you while they are there. Trade show games can be a successful tool which engages your customers and informs them of your business through direct interaction and detailed marketing. Going Interactive produces custom branded games for your trade show booth which promotes turning “passerbyers “to visitors, and then to perspective clients. Using large touch screens or iPad and tablets, we’ve created a variety of easy-to-play, fun and interactive games which will help you stand apart.

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The Results.

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