Classic Board Game Digitally Gamified

Classic Board Game Digitally Gamified

Classic Board Game Turned Digital for Sales Team Training and Tradeshows


Remember the fun you had as a kid playing a good old-fashioned board game with your family or friends?

Well now you can bring that same sense of fun to your sales training, marketing and tradeshows.

Going Interactive’s new multiple player (or multi-team) digital board game allows you to run your own interactive digital board game sessions.

Multiple players or teams can compete with each other as they learn about new products or services.


You can have up to twelve teams. Each team is represented by a game piece on the game board.

Typically, a moderator will lead the game and ask questions of the teams or audience as a “round”.

Roll the dice and see how far you move!

The teams get points for the number of spaces moved – the moderator can spin the dice to determine how many spaces to move a team.  Or arbitrarily move them as many spaces as they see fit.

Gamified Classic Board GameA built-in leader-board on the left displays each player’s (or each team’s) score. And there is the ability to put a custom message below the leader-board .

When the moderator moves the winning piece in the middle the game is over and an animation comes up announcing the winner.

This classic board game digitally gamified is an excellent tool for a Zoom or Microsoft Teams training environment. As well as in person group training.

It could also be put to good use in a trade show booth environment.

An intro movie plays to kick the game off.  A transition animation plays between rounds.

It’s also got an Admin CMS where Leaders can enter and setup unique games for different events.

Customized GamificationWe call it GOMANJI but we can customize it specifically for your company or program.  It can have your graphics and theme applied.

Want to see a demo?  Contact us today to take advantage of this classic board game’s digital gamification.

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