B2B Digital Touchscreen Games with Leader Boards

B2B Digital Touchscreen Games with Leader Boards

Digital Touchscreen Games with Leader Boards Put to Use in B2B Tradeshows

Remember back in the 80s after finishing a game of Pac-Man or Super Mario Brothers or Galaga (my favorite) – if your score was good enough – you were delighted and proud to enter your initials or name and be on the list of “High Scores”?

Sometimes you’d play the game for until you ran of quarters attempting to get your name on the high score screen.

Going Interactive has brought that spirit to the world of B2B trade show marketing with our series of digital B2B customizable touch screen games.

Companies and brands have used these games in their trade show booths for years now to increase traffic, boost engagement and generate leads.

Games like Memory Match, Tap-Away and Match the Pairs are the perfect B2B “gamification” tools to promote products, services and marketing campaigns through fully animated and interactive game activities in a trade show booth.  Players can get on the high score board by ranking against a countdown or count-up time clock. Or, the high scores can be based on tallied scores.

The high score leader board can displayed after the game is over by clicking a button. Or it can be displayed on a completely separate screen – that constantly updates the top scores in real time as players play. Say, for example, you wanted a large central High Scores monitor display in the center of your booth – that option would be perfect.

Often times a company will use the Leader Board to give away prizes to the top player. Or maybe hold a raffle for prizes out of the top 10 players.

B2B gamification with the added element of a high scores / leader board feature is a great way to up the ante in your trade show booth and online marketing efforts.

To see more of Going Interactive’s B2B trade show gamification options click here.

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