Increase Online Non Profit Donations

Increase Online Non Profit Donations

Being a non-profit can be challenging, especially when it comes to increasing general giving and getting more donations online. Non profit website increase donations

Besides some of the obvious basics like having an important cause, great plan and passionate people, there’s also the whole idea of “how you present yourself”. Is it clear what your cause is doing to help others? Is it clear how you literally do that? Is there examples of how you have succeeded? Is it clear why you need support? Is it clear how someone can support you? And sometimes, most importantly, is it easy to give to your cause?

“increase overall donations by over 35%”

Going Interactive has worked with a variety of non-profits who focus on different needs around the community, region and even world. What we’ve seen over and over again, is that non-profit organizations often need the most assistance in making things clear and simple, but also professional and appealing to their respective audiences.

We’ve worked with Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta, who has over 20 local clubs in and around the metro area, on helping them communicate both digitally online and offline to their core supporters, families and perspective donors. From interesting print projects like Annual Reports (with online and offline components), to info graphics and custom focused videos, to a full online website with advanced features, we’ve worked hand-in-hand with BGCMA to give them a solid foundation for achieving their future goals.

Specifically, the website we helped design and develop has seen significant increases in both monthly and annual traffic, as well as time spent on page content. But one of the greatest things that has helped the client succeed is the push to tell the story of the actual club kids. We have done this through custom on-site photography shoots and video. This has given the club kids a digital voice online and provided website visitors to not only meet kids, but see inside the clubs. The “need” is now more clearly established and the ask has reason to exist. With a clearly called out “Donate” button highlighted on the top main navigation and peppered strategically within the entire website, we’ve assisted BGCMA increase overall donations by over 35% in one year. Now that’s success!

Take a look for yourself at the site, watch some videos and feel free to support a cause worthy of your time and finances at

If you are a non profit looking to refresh your mission with a clear vision both online and offline, then send us an email and let’s get a conversation going.

Jason brings over 25 years of professional experience to clients. He has designed, produced and managed high-profile award-winning projects for clients like Boys & Girls Clubs, Prime Time Toys, Turner Broadcasting, CNN, Cartoon Network, Georgia-Pacific, UPS and Hasbro. Jason has been published in industry magazines and has served as a speaker at numerous seminars for the online marketing industry. Jason lives with his wife Samantha, two kids Ruby and Wilder, and toller Hazel near Roswell, GA. Jason faithfully serves the community in and around Buckhead Church.