Video Testimonials

Powerful Testimonial Videos

The Need.

Boys & Girls Clubs of America – a non profit – helps millions of kids and teens nationally to develop essential skills, make lasting connections and have fun at the same time. This is a process assisted by parents and staff of Club kids. Short testimonial style videos were needed to share details of unique experiences.

The Solution.

Going Interactive interviewed a variety of Club teens, staff and parents of kids who go to the Club. Each had their own take on what makes Boys & Girls Clubs so great. Short powerful testimonial videos were put together to reflect their true stories. Shareable online and via social media nationally.

The Overview.


Viewable Anywhere

Socially Shareable

Easy to Understand


The Results.



Going Interactive worked on strategic direction, concept, design, filming, animation, post-editing, VO and final production.


People Interviewed.

Perspectives Covered.