Campaign Marketing Videos

Campaign Marketing Videos

The Need.

There are a variety of areas where the Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta, a local non profit organization, step in to help kids and teens learn essential skills like technology, fitness, community leadership, college bound and the arts. We helped create 5 unique non profit marketing videos to tell those stories. These are real club kids and staff shot on-location in metro Atlanta.

The Solution.

A creative approach to story telling was used to help BGMCA produce 5 creative non profit marketing videos. Going Interactive interviewed Club kids, teens and staff. Each non profit marketing video highlighted a different strategic Club focus. These videos were specifically kept around 3 minutes for easy consumption. They were all used at the annual Youth of the Year event, as well as, evergreen content on the main website we created.



The Overview.


Viewable Anywhere

Variety of Uses

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The Results.


Going Interactive worked on strategic direction, concept, design, filming, animation, post-editing, VO and final production.

Average Length of Video.

Focused Segments.

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