Dart Zone Blaster Videos

Dart Zone Blaster Videos

The Need.

Kids love dart blasters and video is a great way to show off! Going Interactive produced a variety of :30 online videos to showcase these unique products which is used on websites, microsites, social media, seo, YouTube Channels, Ad campaigns and more.

The Solution.

The main goal was to create short product videos in order to…

  • Show what the product looks like (build brand awareness and visual awareness for in-store purchase)
  • Show what the product does (how to use it without being a demo)
  • End with call to action (URL – see / learn / buy)



The Overview.


Viewable Anywhere

Variety of Uses

Product Specific


The Results.




Going Interactive worked on strategic direction, concept, design, animation, voice over and final production.


Final Seconds Combined.

Ideas Generated.

Connections Created.