Cafe1040: In Seconds Series

Cafe1040: In Seconds Series

The Need.

Cafe 1040 is a non-profit ministry who’s core goal is to spread the Gospel throughout the world. Going helped create a series of videos that helped donors, students and others know more about the organization. Because we know time is important each video is between :60-:90 to ensure viewers can get the message clearly.

The Solution.

The In Seconds Series includes 5 videos – Who, What, Where, Why, and How. Each one utilizes real footage and real graduates of the program to promote the the concept of “real people”. The natural footage provided a great visual ground to work off of. To view them all visit Cafe 1040 ended up receiving 130% of their giving goals in this campaign.

The Overview.


Viewable Anywhere

Variety of Uses

Easy to Understand


The Results.



Going Interactive worked on strategic direction, concept, design, video animation, editing and final production.


Minutes of Footage.

Ideas Generated.

% Support Gathered