X vs. Y

X vs. Y

The Need.

The X vs. Y game is a board game that gives young adults something to “fight” about. Going Interactive produced this online marketing site for a new ‘battle of the sexes game’ – X vs. Y game to help promote it in stores around the U.S.

The Solution.

Through a sleek and simple design, we established a branded online look and feel. XvsY.com features a teaser game, video clips, quick quiz questions, social stuff and more all in a specific game-branded package.

The Overview.


New Game

New Fans

New Visitors


The Results.


Branded design helps communicate the fun side of the game.

Basic “How to Play” visuals and animations to help viewers understand gameplay.

An online mini-version of the game was created to mimic the real-world experience.

Engaging and Meaningful Strategy, Design, and Creation


Product Video Spotlight.



Going Interactive worked on strategic direction, usability, concept, design, development, game and overall digital brand building.

Pixels pushed.

Ideas Generated.

Connections Created.