Future Foundation Video

Future Foundation Video

The Need.

The Future Foundation’s mission, is to level the playing field for metro Atlanta youth by providing quality education, health, and life skills programs. The non-profit group calls itself the “Future Foundation” because they encourage kids to dream about, invest in, and prepare for their futures. There was a big need to quickly and easily get this information across to teens, parents and especially possible donors.

The Solution.

Going Interactive provided full concept to completion motion graphics for a creative non-profit video. The details of what Future Foundation does was written in script form, then design and storyboards were created. The final piece is a short video which will allow the non-profit to make an impact on their target audience and gain support.

The Overview.


Easy to Understand

Short and Sweet

Gain More Support


The Results.


Step one, research and investigation stage on what makes Future Foundation unique.

Step two, design a creative approach to telling the story without distracting from the message.

Step three, storyboard and visualize all scenes that clearly mimic the script.

Step four, animate animate animate and lip-sync with Voice Over (who was a real kid from FF by the way.)

Engaging and Meaningful Strategy, Design, and Creation






Going Interactive worked on strategic direction, concept, script writing, design, development, storyboarding, voice over, animation and overall digital brand building.



Words in Script.

Screens Designed.

Animated Seconds.