Non Profit Annual Report

Non Profit Annual Report

The Need.

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta, a local non profit serving kids and teens, has over 20 clubs around Georgia. These Clubs, located in some of our city’s most underserved communities, open their doors every day to more than 3,300 kids and teens. BGCMA provides a safe, positive, and engaging environment for kids with a focus on helping them reach their full potential. Annual reporting to the board and community is not just about the numbers, it’s about the help and support that financial giving has provided for these kids and teens.

The Solution.

Through a story driven concept, we chose to focus on the concept of “A Year in the Life” of club kids. There’s a connection drawn between the personal stories of real kids and the impact the supporters provided throughout the 2015 fiscal year. Working with BGCMA, we selected a variety of purpose driven stories to highlight, which covered topics of community service, leadership, arts, and health. A creative approach and style was designed and a photo shoot was set in order to capture the lifestyle imagery desired of the real kids. Since the numbers were online, we used a small accordion folded print piece which pushed fellow supporters to a unique 2015 Annual Report microsite which highlighted more stories, video and the required financial information.

The Overview.


Brand Building

Online & Offline

Multiple Touchpoints


Non profit annual report communications

The Results.


Each page was crafted to have engaging content, beautiful visuals and powerful stories. Users who visit the custom microsite can use desktop browsers, tablets or mobile devices.

Money saving unique size for ease of mailing for the non profit. A specific Microsite was created to follow along with the printed stories and also add additional content the print piece did not have.

The stories fold out as the viewers looks at the printed piece. The Microsite followed the same “fold out” concept with video elements shot at the photo shoot and additional story details.

The Annual Report obtained a huge increase in giving this calendar year both online and in print. The piece was well received by sponsors and donors of all types.

Engaging and Meaningful Strategy, Design, and Creation

Visit the BGCMA Annual Report Microsite

Video Overview.



Going Interactive worked on strategic direction, usability, concept, creative, print design, photography, production, and overall digital development.


Stories Covered.

Increase Giving %.

Video & Photoshoot.