We Do That: B2B Video

We Do That: B2B Video

The Need.

Going Interactive needed to take a complex solution and simplify it. GI did this by creating an easy to understand video that engages viewers on a variety of levels. GI told a story which is both interesting and informative. The B2B video hit the mark so well that they are going to include this overall message and concept into ALL of their other global marketing collateral for the year.

The Solution.

• The client could now easily tell a new prospect what they do in 1 minute (vs. 10 min)
• This video was used online and via presentation
• Additional videos were created in Spanish and Chinese

The Overview.


Viewable Anywhere

Variety of Uses

Easy to Understand


The Results.



Going Interactive worked on strategic direction, concept, script writing, design, animation, voice-over, editing and final production.


Final Seconds.

Ideas Generated.

Connections Created.