Non-Profit Video Production

We Love Non-Profits

We especially love producing creative marketing videos (and websites) for them.

And with over 1.5 million nonprofit organizations in the USA we also know there is a LOT of competition for charity dollars.

And that video marketing is a great way for a nonprofit to cut through the digital clutter to reach potential donors for those dollars.

Our non-profit video productions are tailored to your specific needs. Maybe it’s a live action video, an animated video, or a combination of both.

Whatever form it takes, you can be sure we’ll tackle your project with passion and professionalism to make sure your nonprofit’s video is spot on to tell your story and achieve your goals.


Here’s An Example:

More Examples Of Our Work…

Animated Nonprofit Video 

The video to the right is a spot we produced for the Future Foundation of Atlanta.  A nonprofit who’s mission is to level the playing field for youth in metro Atlanta by providing quality education, health, and life skills programs.

We were brought in to write, design and produce the video.  The voice over track (recorded in our studio) is one of the Future Foundation’s student member success stories.


Nonprofit Internal Promo 

Not every nonprofit video we produce is public facing.  Oftentimes, for large national organizations we are hired to produce videos that explain and promote new initiatives and promotions.

The example to the left is a piece for BGCA that was designed to spread the word of a new eLearning program to clubs and organization members across the country.



Want to See More Samples? 

 Or have a question about our nonprofit marketing video production process?

Just ask! We’re happy to help.