Animated Marketing Videos

Writing, Design and Production

There’s a widespread stat on online marketing blogs that using videos on landing pages increase conversion by 86%.  That sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

We think so.  BUT… the thing to remember is that you need to have GOOD videos to contribute to that stat. And the better your video is, the better chance you have of making that sale or getting that lead.

That’s why we’re here.  To help you produce great animated marketing videos that will help you achieve your online (and offline) goals.

With a great script, great visual design, great animation, and great audio – all custom crafted for your brand, business or service  – your new animated marketing video will be ready to sell to, explain to and convert your customers and prospects.


Here’s An Example:

More Examples Of Our Work…

Animated Explainer Video 

Explainer videos can take many forms. Some are more on the education side. Some more on the marketing side. Some are a combination of both. Either way, the goal is educate the potential customer and get them interested in the product or service offered.

Here’s an example we produced for a B2B product designed to help minimize office network downtime. As with most of our projects, this one included script writing, visual design and animation.


B2B Animated Video 

It’s smart when your video can match your website and your overall brand visual identity. Doing that helps the brand present itself with a unified vision to the market.

That’s what we did with this B2B oriented video for a medical technology company.  We were lucky enough to be brought in early enough on the project to be able to design both their website, their video (and their App interface).



Want to See More Samples? 

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