Making the complex… Simple!

Making the complex… Simple!

Learn how we create a successful B2B video…

There’s a lot of steps that go into creating a “spot-on” video for our clients.

First, there’s the discovery and investigation phase. We try to interview as many key people as we can in order to get a variety of perspectives about their organization. It’s really important to not only see how the CEO see’s their company, but how the VP of Sales, and VP of Marketing see the company. Our agenda is to understand all of the different pieces that make our clients business work, and work well. We make sure we have the information we need in order to tell the story in the right voice and in the right way.

The responses have been extremely positive. Our CEO said it was a homerun! So again, great work. Please pass my thanks on to your team.”

– CW

Next, we take all that research feedback and begin to concept on all the possible themes that can help relay the message. After a variety of ideas have been solidified, we begin the script writing process. This is sometimes a straight-up copy based script which is then followed by visual storyboards. However, sometimes we’re able to do both at the same time depending on the concepts chosen. This is also typically the place where we begin to visualize a style which can comfortably support our overall message.

After the client is happy and we’ve got a green light, we begin our design phase. This is where have to match-up with the concept in a creative visual way. There’s often a number of different directions to go. Each video has it’s own agenda, therefore each animation, style, concept needs it’s own unique look and feel based on the company brand. Sometimes organizations want to do something totally different, while others need to keep it strictly aligned with the company identity guidelines.

Animation and sound are the final phases. We try our best to customize things in order to keep them interesting and engaging. Sometimes the concepts need energy and excitement, while others simply want you to sit back and relax. Finding that right animation style can be critical to the final outcome. We’ve got to make sure we’re speaking to our target audience in the most effective visual way possible, while still trying to “stand out” from the crowd. Sound and VoiceOver is are extremely important aspect to any animation piece. Is it quiet? Is it loud? Everything makes a difference at this level. Overall, the audio can give a video an entirely different feel, so selection is key.

Here’s a recent example of a successful B2B video Going Interactive created (following the above steps):

This video was used at an annual sales meeting to gain excitement for the upcoming calendar year. The video was so well received that the client not only has it on their home page and YouTube Channel, but are also using it in sales presentations to new and prospective clients. In addition, the client feels we hit the mark so well that they are going to include this overall message and concept into ALL of their other global marketing collateral for the year.

It’s really amazing how a simple video can tell such a powerful story (even in the B2B world).


Jason Davenport – Principal & Creative Director

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