I’m a Mac Campaign

I’m a Mac Campaign

We love Apple’s “Get a Mac” ads and found them all in one place!

Even if you are a PC guy / girl, you gotta admit that the “I’m a Mac” Ad campaigns from the past few years are really good. Apple has always been a stand out organization who leads vs. follows.

In regards to the TV spots, it was and is always exciting to see a new one hit the screen. We all want to see what they were gonna do next! I’d guess that this “I’m a Mac” overall campaign will definitely go down in pop-culture history along with some other memorable campaigns from the past.

We here at Going Interactive definitely love our Macs (and yes we have PC’s too!). So I was happy when Phil sent me this link. It’s from AdWeek and it has every Mac commercial organized by year / date. It’s pretty neat to see how they’ve kept it going from 2006 – 2009.

Here’s the link to see them all on AdFreak (and thanks for gathering them all in one place guys!)

And here’s a few of our team favorites…
– #61 “Top of the Line”
– #13 “Better Results”
– #45 “Off the Air”
– #56 “Time Traveler”
– #8 “Touché”

Hope you enjoy.

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  1. Doug 14 years ago

    The rich media interactive banner / takeover ads they run on NYTimes.com etc are also brilliant. I wonder if there is a collection of those out on the web.

  2. Author
    Jason 14 years ago

    Yes, I remember those and they were definitely well done integrations of this same campaign

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