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912 Holcomb Bridge Road, Roswell GA 30076


gi-logo-sq-90pxGoing Interactive is an Atlanta based digital creative firm that has specialized in customized digital trade show tools and design services since 1999. We continue to provide high quality Strategy, Trade Show Loops, Videos, and Interactive Games for trade show booths, events and more. Our desire is to help companies create buzz, generate leads, communicate ideas, advance sales and engage customers. From campaign specific digital media, to theme related corporate retreats and large meetings, to custom branded booth visuals and everything in between, we pride ourselves on making every project the best it can be. We’re able to clearly understand your business and design objectives in making your digital trade show visuals interactive, effective, engaging, and right on target.

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powerpoint-mini-monitor-byob2With the advent of touchscreen monitors it’s now easier than ever to have a fully interactive kiosk in your trade show booth. Your visitors can interact with a beautiful full color HD monitor to explore your custom branded content utilizing video, presentations, live web site interaction, games and more. Let us can help you put together the ideal digital kiosk for your trade show marketing goals.


powerpoint-mini-laptop-side-webmetricxIf you have a high traffic booth you can’t always be on hand to explain your product or service to each person individually. Some companies have services that seem complicated and need to be explained. Either way, video and animation is an optimum in-booth sales and marketing communication tool. Whether it’s live action scripted video or an animated motion-graphics piece, we can assist with concept creation, writing, visual design and production.


powerpoing-tradeshow-gameBring some fun and excitement to your booth! A excellent way to engage your booth visitors is with a branded touchscreen digital game.  Maybe it’s a slot machine style game, or perhaps a word search or matching pairs game – all custom tailored to your current marketing campaign or brand identity.  You’ll be surprised at how people gather around to watch someone play your branded theme game or activity on a large touchscreen monitor. We can help you gain more attention and you’ll be marketing to booth visitors while they are having fun with your brand.


powerpoint-videosinageA key part of a visually interesting trade show booth is the booth signage.  With today’s monitor display technology the options for creative DIGITAL signage are boundless.  From single screen to multi-screen presentation design, we’ll help you display a visual experience that is not only great eye-candy, but also gets people to stop by and engage.

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