Goodbye sweet LaLa

Goodbye sweet LaLa

Well, it’s time to say goodbye to our sweet LaLa music site.

I got a surprising email last night from I’ve had an account for a couple years and although don’t use it everyday, I have really enjoyed it’s vast library of old and new stuff. Of course the listen for FREE part was pretty cool too and initially what took me to the site in the beginning.

So if you’ve never visited, it’s too late now. A while back Apple decided to buy LaLa. The market speculated that is Apple’s move into a cloud-based media strategy. Of course as we all know, Apple is pretty hush-hush until they really want us to know things. So after a while, I forgot about the whole thing, until last night. I received this letter…

Dear Jason D.,

The Lala service will be shut down on May 31st.

In appreciation of your support over the last five years, you will receive a credit in the amount of your Lala web song purchases for use on Apple’s iTunes Store. If you purchased and downloaded mp3 songs from Lala, those songs will continue to play as part of your local music library.

Remaining wallet balances and unredeemed gift cards will be converted to iTunes Store credit (or can be refunded upon request). Gift cards can be redeemed on Lala until May 31st.

Click here or visit for more information, or to view Lala’s Terms of Service.

Thank you.


©2005-2010 la la media, inc. All rights reserved.”

The possible good news? Well, there’s also speculation about launching some new innovative online service in June of 2010. The timing of all this seems pretty perfect, so I guess we just wait and see now. At least it’s not just a bad economy and might even help revive the music business a little. I’m always rooting for musical artists, I know it’s hard as heck to make money these days.

And for all of us who loved LaLa, we can only hope that Apple can make it even better (as opposed what they are doing to Flash that is… boo)


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