In Ten We’re Eleven

In Ten We’re Eleven

What a year! or should we say… what a year?

Well, we at Going Interactive are pleased with the beginning of a new year. The cool thing is that in 2010, we turn eleven! So we’re moving into the second decade of our Going Interactive lives.

Sure, a lot of things have changed, but overall, we’re still the same crew we were years ago – eager, interested, and excited about every project. We still want to produce great interactive work that stands the test of time. That being said, it was nice to see one of our videos still up on a clients home page the other day ( that we actually made in late 2006. That goes for some other clients and websites too! But we’ll stop dropping names now. ; )

Last year brought us a lot of big adventures…

It’s true, we were up to our ears with the Printies Design Studio software development. That year long project ended up being a bit more than everyone expected. It had it all really… technical challenges, visual challenges, strategy challenges, usability challenges, and especially timing challenges! We’re happy to say it ended with a success, and one of the great things about the RIA (Rich Internet Application) we created is that we were able to break some new ground in Adobe AIR, Flex and Flash. We even got some props on the official Adobe AIR Blog! Adobe is letting us get a sneak peek at AIR 2 in Beta (that’s technical for COOL).

Working with Ron Clark and Kim Bearden and the Ron Clark Academy was also a big honor. They do amazing work with education and we were pleased to help Ron and Kim create The Great American Teachers Club website. The website was full of great features for teachers like forums, lesson plans, custom videos, live webcasts, and a great interactive game that teachers could use on their own classes.

There were so many great things that we worked on in 2009 including motion graphics, videos, websites, back-end features, email campaigns, rich media ads, social media networking, SEO, strategy, design, presentations, Flash, etc.) that this list would get entirely too long to type out. So thanks to everyone we worked with!

(Including but not limited too… Future Foundation, Cisco, Edelman, BRG, K-C, WeedPro, HSC, Digital Blue, Boxercraft, Panasonic, Rubik’s TouchCube, Printies, RCA, MSL, Best Buy, ResourceATL, AFC, OAC, Willow Glynn, GP, Oden, TechnoSource, and anyone else who we crossed paths with.)

We at Going Interactive hope that 2010 brings everyone great success.

Sure we’re another year older, but we’re also another year more experienced and wiser.

As always, we are truly excited about all the opportunities that are ahead of us (and you). We look forward to creating great customer experiences, making unique strategic projects, and creating new and innovative content.

If you’re reading this and feeling even a little optimistic and maybe slightly enthused… then give us a shout, and let’s see what we can get going!


The Going Interactive Team

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Jason brings over 25 years of professional experience to clients. He has designed, produced and managed high-profile award-winning projects for clients like Boys & Girls Clubs, Prime Time Toys, Turner Broadcasting, CNN, Cartoon Network, Georgia-Pacific, UPS and Hasbro. Jason has been published in industry magazines and has served as a speaker at numerous seminars for the online marketing industry. Jason lives with his wife Samantha, two kids Ruby and Wilder, and toller Hazel near Roswell, GA. Jason faithfully serves the community in and around Buckhead Church.


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