Your Site As Music?

Your Site As Music?

Check out this really cool site called that turns the html web code of you site into a synth music piece.

My friend Mike Dyson posted a link to this on this week.

It’s a really cool little site called Codeorgan that turns the html web code of your site into a synth music piece.

What it does is analyze the “body” content of any web page using a complex algorithm to define the key, synth style and drum pattern most appropriate to page content.

Here’s what sounds like.

Here’s what this Blog sounds like – slightly Seinfeld intro like.

Here’s what sounds like.

Here’s what sounds like.

Does the “music” of the code of the site match the identity of the site?

It sure does seem so!

They also have a nice little player you can embed to play on a particular page.
Like this:

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