GI Guys at AiMA Event

GI Guys at AiMA Event

Here’s a few photos from the March 29, 2006 “Managing the Evolution of Your Email Marketing Program” Event put on by AiMA. The panelists gave tips and tricks for balancing evolving business needs with the unique attributes of the email medium. The panelists went on to discuss testing methods: what to test, how and when, as well as the evolving role of transactional emails in the marketing mix. Numerous creative examples were shown, highlighting the progression of both the business demands on the email program and the technical capabilities of the email medium.

is Co-founder of Going Interactive and Strategic Director.

Doug brings over 22 years of professional experience to the table. He is a seasoned professional with a knack for complex problem solving and common sense approach to usability. Doug has helped to create a variety of award winning work both locally and regionally for clients like Apartment Guide, Rubik’s Revolution, The Ron Clark Academy, Prime Time Toys, Georgia-Pacific, CNN, and Gardener’s Confidence. Doug served as the first ever Interactive President for the Atlanta – AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) Chapter. Doug lives with his wife Sherry and their playful Huskies in Marietta, GA.


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